"Mountain" is a project that interprets materials in their raw state and where pieces are constructed following contours and landmarks in the landscape. There is a demand for rough volumes in the dryness of mountain texture. Irregular angles arise along with well-marked cuts, and the alternation between base and top is visible in a search for delicacy in heaviness.

There are no metal baths or polishing, just shades ranging from the frosted gray of the silver to the tone of the brass or bronze in their natural state. Metal returns to earth in rusty tones.

This project was born from a special collaboration with the fashion designer Carla Pontes.


        Earrings / bronze / Rings / 925 sterling silver


Pin / Bronze

Earrings925 sterling silver










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Earrings and Ring / 925 sterling silver / Earrings / brass


Pin / brass / Necklace / 925 sterling silver


Bracelet / brass / Pin / bronze / Ring / 925 sterling silver


Clothes Carla Pontes / Photography Portugal Fashion / Product Photography Sofia Soares